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The Software is licensed, not sold, to you for use only with Wacom products upon the terms of this license, and Wacom reserves any rights not expressly granted to you. To close the Pop-up Menu without making a selection, click outside of the Pop-up Menu. Click on the Windows button and choose C. To create broad brush strokes or to click with a light touch, use a soft tip setting.

If you have not already done so, install the pen tablet driver software. You can also contact your local dealer, distributor, or technical support using the appropriate number for your region.

See working with tablet properties. See changing the tablet underlay.


HDI Drivers for (Wacom) tablet in Windows 10

It also contains a B indicator. If more than one display is in use the tablet will map to all displays.

The selection you make appears in the A box. Customizing After you have opened the Pen Tablet control panel, you can begin customizing Graphire. Using the side switch to double-click is recommended review the techniques in clicking. See also optimizing the Bluetooth connection.

Wherever you place your Graphire tool on the tablet, the screen cursor will jump to the same corresponding point on the screen. When you use the pen eraser, the application will automatically switch to the eraser tool. Then review the troubleshooting procedures within this manual. Use only the correct battery provided by Wacom and be careful not to drop it on hard surfaces.

This is the default setting. This is known as absolute positioning, and is the default setting for the Graphire pen. This manual does not contain complete information on installing your tablet. The drawing area of the tablet where your Graphire tools are detected. Simulates a primary mouse button click.

The ratio between the vertical and horizontal dimension of the tablet or display. You can continue with the installation process and work with the tablet while the battery is charging. To resume operations, press the power button. Be sure you are quickly tapping the tablet twice in the same place on the tablet active area.

Not all options are available for all controls. Graphire Bluetooth will not switch off automatically when the power adapter is connected and supplying power to the tablet.

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Wacom does its best to provide current and accurate information in this manual. The quickest way to learn about your Graphire pen tablet is to become familiar with its appearance and features. To display the Pop-up Menu, set a tool button to the P function. The battery can be damaged internally when dropped, and should be replaced even if there is no obvious damage.

By default the entire active area of the tablet maps to the entire display. Default setting for the pen tip.

Locking sliders for photo frame. This switch has two programmable functions that can be selected by rocking the switch in either direction.

Page back, or page forward. With integrated power indicator light. Rest your hand on the tablet and then work with the pen on the active area of the tablet just as if you were using a ball point pen on a piece of paper.

The radio frequency can pass through non-metallic objects like walls, bookshelves, etc. Maps the entire active area of the tablet for tablet to display mapping. Resets the selected tab to its default settings. If you are having a compatibility problem between Graphire and a new hardware or software product, it may be helpful to download a new pen tablet software driver when available from the Internet. Select from available items in the Pop-up Menu by clicking on them.

No part of this manual may be reproduced except for your express personal use. This may be caused by interference from other radio sources, obstructions in the radio wave path, excessive distance from the computer, or a combination of the above. The pen does not draw or ink Some applications require that you turn on the pressure capabilities with pressure sensitivity. Wacom grants you, the user, the right to use the software solely in accordance with the conditions of this software license agreement. For details, please refer to your Warranty, located at the end of this manual.

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Pairing was successful, pa74m2 lf driver but the Be sure that you have correctly installed the Wacom Pen Tablet driver wireless tablet does not seem software. Wacom does not accept any liability for direct or consequential damages.