Bosch Bip373 Coil Driver

If you need a custom circuit made, please submit your information to the custom electronics page. Chokes are used in the plasma gun project. An inductor reacts against a change in the flow of current. Practically you would get less time than this as they do not discharge in a linear fashion.

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Bosch Bip Coil Driver - worldaktiv

The timer circuit you used has a very limited range of adjustment for pulse width duty cycle. The top digram uses a series connected capacitor and resistor. Once a charge is built up in a coil and the primary circuit is switched off, what happens to the charge in the secondary winding if there is no path for it to discharge to?

You should also discharge the spark to ground via the resistor so that your scope has a ground reference. Also, what kind of voltage could I expect to get out of the ignition coil if I ran it with a sine wave instead of a square wave, using it as a normal autotransformer? If so then I guess the high current is important so that a good exposure can be taken before the subject moves and blurs the image. It was just left off the diagram for simplicity.

What about using a choke on the wires that go into the coil? Tesla coil driver mosfet problems. Is the charge ever able to bridge the insulation within the coil to the primary winding to discharge, assuming a sound, unbroken insulation between the windings? This is what you have in a typical ignition coil driver to make your arc. After all the money we've spent doing this setup on his it would be retarded to swap out the drivers to a cheaper one that doesn't protect the board.

The values needed for the snubber will depend on the operating frequency, the spec of the coil, and the load on the coil. This prevents any instant change of current in the coil and therefore limits the voltage rise produced. You then modulate this arc with your audio.

Bosch BIP Ignition Driver

My gut feeling is its noise causing the irratic timing. The power capacity is limited mainly by the chosen transistor. All the other components are listed at the top of the page.


At inches there is no problem. If you know of any simple way around this it would be very useful. Here is a schematic for a square wave generator I found on the web. My question is how to gte the most efficieny to produce the most highest potential and current for the tube discharge. Also, I had a thought which may be useful for your high voltage experimantal circuits.

They still do everything I want and work fine for me. Display as a link instead. Keep up the fun and fantastic work. Do you have any ideas why that is happening? It was probably battery powered, and if so, would give an asymmetric waveform like that from an ignition coil.

Connecting your capacitors in parallel will not cause problems if they both have a suitable voltage rating. You can use a variety of values here. Essentially both plugs and the secondary winding is in series.

Bosch BIP373 Ignition Driver

With many cycles happening within a second you can blow several transistors quite easily. This means that the voltage between the two outputs will always be zero. Thank you so much you have a great site!

This means more current, or fast transistors can improve performance. When the voltage is applied to the input of the coil an inductor the current flow begins to increase. You would need to se a higher voltage sine wave to get the same output voltage as you would from a low voltage square wave. The spark plug should be earthed to the ignition coil not the power earth. Also adding a large capacitor in parralel with your battery supply can smooth the voltage.

Its all too easy to blow your low voltage components when driving ignition coils unfortunatley. What values would be appropriate? We also have similar devices available in the shop.

Ok, no big deal, I'm a Bosch fan, sony vgn-z690 drivers but what is the deal. It wasn't easy to persuade Bosch there was a market for their transistors at the retail level.

My plan was to use a auto coil. The gap is provided by a standard spark plug.

Can a blown capacitor on the rotary switch be the cause? Water Pumps at MachineMart. There will be several resonant modes of a coil. Somtimes people place ignition coils in a container filled with oil. This would need a whole different setup.

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